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First Chemo Infusion: Take One

My first infusion — wasn’t!  Last Tuesday was the first attempt of my first infusion at NYU. It was incredibly awful because I had a very bad allergic reaction to the pre-chemo nausea medicine which occurred 7 minutes into the drip. My diaphragm cramped up which escalated into chest tightness and face flushing. It’s very uncommon.

As aware as I am of the fact that this is fully curable, thank Gd, the side effects and unknown are what used to worry me the most, especially after the first treatment attempt. On a slightly less intense scale, my reaction looked something like that scene from Alien where the baby alien bursts out of the guy’s chest! The pain was indescribable. Thankfully the nurses and doctors were able to get things under control pretty quickly!

A handful of my friends wonder if I’ll become endowed with super powers and start swinging around NYC once this is all over.


3 thoughts on “First Chemo Infusion: Take One”

  1. Terry Omara says:

    Kick cancers ass Danny!!! Love you, Terry

    1. Daniel says:

      Thank you Terry! Sorry I never responded to this! Love and miss you too! Danny

      1. Terry Omara says:

        Love you too sweetie! Stay strong! <3 <3

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