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Thank you Rabbi and Rebetzin Oirechman for inviting me to share my story for the FSU Chabad community. Besides a panel discussion, this was the first time I shared my story as a solo speaker! I’m so happy to have participated in this and am incredibly grateful for the support system you both provided for me during that time in my life. I remember running down Eastern Parkway with Rabbi Oirechman during the International Shluchim Conference getting blessings from random people on the street just days before starting treatments. Then we celebrated after my last treatment with a farbrengen at the Ohel. It’s wonderful when you get to see things like this come full circle. May Hashem give you both the unlimited strength to continue making lasting impact on the lives of your students.

Watch the video here. Feel free to drop a note in the comment section of this blog post and let me know which parts of the talk stuck with you the most. I would also love to speak more, so feel free to reach out if you think we could work together!

This was before starting chemo and after my last treatment. Wow time flys!

The full lineup of speakers:

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