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Morris I. Franco Community Cancer Center

Throughout my seven months of cancer treatments, the entire experience would have been much more difficult to endure had it not been for the incredible people at the Morris I. Franco Community Cancer Center.

My cousin who is best friends with the center’s president, Nancy Sutton, connected us immediately after my diagnosis. I was welcomed with open arms and had access to weekly acupuncture and reflexology/reiki sessions which were critical to my overall wellbeing. I hadn’t done reiki since I was a little kid when my mom used it to help sooth me to sleep if I wasn’t feeling well. Acupuncture on the other-hand was entirely new, and now I swear by it! The pipelines of energy that it opened help get me through the week when chemo was hitting hardest with fatigue/nausea and it was exhausting just to walk up and down the stairs.

Most importantly, there was never a day that I couldn’t just go in and hang out with Margie and Emily who help run the center. Also every Friday afternoon I would receive a challah, card, and flowers wishing me a Shabbat Shalom.

I was honored to be asked to participate in their fundraising video as one of the many people they’ve helped navigate through this life altering experience. Thank you for everything!

Morris I. Franco Community Cancer Center from Mint Media on Vimeo.

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